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Repairs & Restorations

We are both professionally trained, qualified and experienced in the repair and restoration of stringed instruments, and happy to undertake a wide variety of work - from a new bridge on a child's violin to the complex restoration of a valuable antique instrument.

Violin, viola, cello and mandolin repairs that we commonly undertake include:

  • Crack repairs
  • New bridge
  • New soundpost
  • Peg fitting
  • Peg hole bushing
  • Fingerboard shoot (reshape)
  • Cleaning
  • Sunken arching restoration
  • Tonal adjustment
  • Varnish retouching
  • Neck graft
  • Edge repairs
  • Nut reshaping
  • Bass bar fitting
  • Pegbox repairs
  • Soundpost patch

While we don't normally photograph and document our work, we will add examples of repair and restoration work here from time to time:

Please don't try to repair an instrument using the limited explanations here.
The repairs that are illustrated above require professional training to achieve success. Much of our work is undoing damage caused by inexperienced amateur repairers, and restoring a badly repaired instrument is more time consuming, difficult and expensive than just repairing the damage. Often the extra cost of rectifying a badly repaired instrument places it beyond economic repair, when it would have been affordably repairable.

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